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Corporate Executive Mental Health Leaderboard with Rob Stephenson

In this episode I spoke with Rob Stephenson who is moving mountains to defeat stigma around mental health. He’s one of the most active, and …

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Coming Out About Mental Illness

Coming out about having a mental illness isn’t easy. Elizabeth Horner, psychiatric nurse, mother of 4, joins us to talk about how she decided to …

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West Point Grads Talk Addiction, Rehab, and Mindfulness – With Nick Padlo

Nick Padlo joins us for a very candid conversation about addiction, rehab, recovery, relapsing, and mindfulness. Nick is a long-time friend, and he’s a West …

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What is the Role of the Church in Mental Health

Michael Perron is one of my sponsors in recovery.  He is also a minister who created and runs the Life Recovery Program at Prestonwood Baptist …

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Homeless Naval Academy Graduate Gets Back on His Feet Via Entrepreneurship – Bob Moran

Bob Moran graduated from the Naval Academy in 1983. He served honorably as a Marine officer, but as he neared retirement from the military, he didn’t make the transition into civilian life as smoothly as others do.

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Afghan Refugee – Mental Illness Startup Founder – Sophia Mahfooz

Sophia Mahfooz is a survivor, she is a role model and she is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. She was born pre-maturely, …

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Stigma Chantel-2 Episodes

Streamlining The Pathway To Mental Health Care With Strong365 Founder, Chantel Garrett

Chantel Garrett, Founder and Executive Director of Strong365 joins me for a conversation about psychosis, schizophrenia, and how we can help people when they first …

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Making Mental Health a Priority Issue in The Election

In our latest episode, I had the chance to speak with congressional candidate Lindsey Boylan.  She is a candidate for congress in NY’s 10th district. …

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Stigma Clay-Cockrell-LCSW-1 Episodes

Walk and Talk Therapy in NYC with Clay Cockrell

In this episode Stephen Hays chats with Clay Cockrell.  Clay is a therapist in New York, NY and has gained quite a bit of notoriety …

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Stigma, Discrimination, Recovery, and Politics

In this episode Stephen Hays chats with Ryan Hampton about Ryan’s personal addiction journey that has led Ryan to the forefront of our national conversation …

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Stigma Schueller Episodes

PsyberGuide – ‘Consumer Reports’ for Mental Health Apps

In this episode I chat with Dr. Stephen Schueller about the role of technology in treating people for mental health conditions as well as the …

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Let’s Talk About Sex (Addiction)

Dr. Alexandra Katehakis is a pioneer in the area of sex addiction, and healthy sexual behavior. In this episode we talk about what sex addiction …

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Stigma Alex-Head-Shot-1 Episodes

Getting Sober with Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch

In this episode, my friend Alex Wilhelm joins me to talk about our shared experiences in recovering from addiction.  Alex was most recently, the editor …

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Stigma Robbie Episodes

Suicidal Ideation and Self Harm – What to do When it’s Your Child

I had a raw, personal, and honest conversation with Robbie Millward about mental health, suicidal ideation, self-harm and how he struggled with these things in …

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Opioid Addiction Prevention – with Yossuf Albanawi Founder of Pilleve

In this episode I speak with Yossuf Albanawi, co-founder of Opioid addiction solution, Pilleve.  Yossuf is a graduate of Wake Forest University, he is a …

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Children’s Mental Health and the Role of Educators

In this episode of the Stigma Podcast, I had a chance to speak with Mandy Froehlich.  Mandy is an educator, and personally, opens with us …

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Heart Rate Variability – Learning to Self Regulate Using Biomarker Feedback

What do monks, startup founders, and Ph.Ds in cognitive neuroscience have in common?  They all have a heartbeat.  Today’s guest, Rohan Dixit, founder of Lief …

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Stigma Cameron-Sepah-Headshot Episodes

How Psychotherapy Can Become Mainstream

I had the most educational, and enlightening conversation with Dr. Cameron Sepah and I’m lucky that I captured it digitally and can share it with …

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You Are Not Alone with Mxiety

Marie “Mxiety” Shanley joined me for a conversation about mental health, depression, streaming on Twitch/Mixer, and how to get help when you are struggling.  She …

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Stigma Dan-Seider-Head-Shot Episodes

Automated Mood Tracking with Dan Seider, CEO of Misu

In episode 10, we have a conversation with Dan Seider, founder and CEO of Misü.  Dan talks to us about his experience living with bipolar …

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Cornbread Hustle – Recovery & Second Chances with Cheri Garcia

In this episode I had the chance to speak with a friend of mine, and someone who was very compassionate toward me in my early …

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Stigma is a Squirrel. Run at it Shouting!

I’m excited to share my conversation with Mark Freeman. Mark is an author (Book: “You are Not a Rock”), mental health coach, workshop facilitator and …

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Bea The Difference

Bea Arthur is a Columbia University trained psychotherapist, founder and CEO of The Difference, and an author who works with high performance individuals.  Bea was …

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Mental Health, Stigma, and Vulnerability with Jordan Brown of AnswersNow

In this episode of the Stigma Podcast, I spoke with Jordan Brown, an advocate for mental health, a social worker in the mental health field, …

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‘Asking for help’ is not weakness. It is strength!

Micah Baldwin is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Graphicly which was acquired by Blurb in 2014. We are very fortunate to have him come on the show …

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Video Games, Esports and Mental Health – Scotty Tidwell

In this episode we talk with Scotty Tidwell, Chief Community Officer at GFuel, the official energy drink of esports.   We dive into the intersection of mental …

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Kunal Gupta – How Mindfulness and Meditation Make Him a Better Founder and CEO. The Growth of MindTech.

I had the chance to sit down with Kunal Gupta, founder and CEO of Polar, a trusted-web platform provider for global media publishers. He is a member …

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Dr. Michael Freeman on Entrepreneur Mental Health

In our first interview on “Stigma” we talk with Dr. Michael Freeman.  Dr. Freeman is a practicing psychiatrist and psychologist in San Francisco. He has …

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Stigma Fist Episodes

Welcome to the Stigma Podcast

Welcome to the Stigma Podcast, a collection of conversations about mental health, addiction and recovery. Our intent, is to share stories of experience, strength and …

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