Copy-of-Market-515.20-LIBSYN-300x300 Mental Health Market Update: How Big Is the U.S. Mental Health Market

We dig into 8 industry research reports to build up a total addressable market size for the mental health market in the U.S. based on revenues in the space during 2019.  We also leverage NAMI’s statistics on how much demand is unmet to gross our numbers up to represent a true potential market size.

In this episode, we also analyze One Medical’s Q1 2020 earnings report.  We talk about what it means for founders in the mental health space when we consider volume growth, earnings, the mix of virtual versus in-person care and reimbursement, etc.

Links to public sources mentioned in the podcast:
NAMI Stats
What If Ventures
One Medical Earnings Press Release
One Medical Earnings Call Transcript

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