Cover-Art-300x300 Mental Health Market Update: 5/1/20 United Health Acquires AbleTo for $470mm

Welcome to our first weekly mental health market update.  This is a segment of the Stigma Podcast where we discuss recent news impacting the mental health market.

Host, Stephen Hays, is the managing partner of What If Ventures, a fund investing in mental health startups.  Each week he will spend 15 minutes sharing his thoughts on the latest news, research, public market reactions, government policy changes, and more that impact startups in the mental health space.

In this inaugural episode of the weekly update, we dig into the UnitedHealth (Optum Ventures) acquisition of AbleTo.  We are focused on the valuation of $470mm which reflects a 10x revenue multiple.  What does this mean for founders, investors and others interested in digital health and  behavioral health companies?  Is this a fair valuation?  What can we learn from it?  We dig in this week!

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