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Steve Gatena – The Founder Of

 Martin-Headshot Martin Schappell - Behavioral Health Industry Veteran

Steve Gatena is the founder of, the word’s #1 app for daily prayer and faith-based audio content. Prior to becoming an American Entrepreneur, Steve was an NCAA Champion. He played football for the University of Southern California where he won a Rose Bowl Championship as well as UC Davis where he won a Great West Conference Championship.


As a young entrepreneur, Steve started his first company at 22 which was a video agency. In 2012, he launched his 2nd company which quickly grew. In 2014, Steven was honored as an “Entrepreneur of the Year” at the United Nations. In 2016, after the loss of his close friend and mentor, Steve started

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  1. Steve tells us his story of personal loss and how it led him to the creation of
  2. We discuss how Covid has had a huge impact on the popularity of and their services, both free and premium.
  3. Steve shares how has experienced stigma and pushback but that there has been a lot of positive feedback and support. He shares about how stigma doesn’t hold him back and how his faith gives him the strength to continue forward.
  4. Steve discusses what the future of digital faith looks like and what his vision for his company is moving forward in the next couple of years.
  5. We discuss tips for entrepreneurs who want to grow in the religion and faith space, and how to follow your calling.
  6. We finish by talking about how the group of people you choose to work with and the dynamic between these people has a huge impact on your entrepreneurial success.

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