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Market Update

Martin Schappell – Behavioral Health Industry Veteran

Martin Schappell spent 15 years as a leader at Universal Health Services (the largest inpatient psychiatric hospital operator in the United States) as a Senior Vice President in the Behavioral segment. He joins us to talk about the behavioral health care industry, how care has

Eric Dresdale – Early Pioneer in Addiction Startups

Eric Dresdale joins me to talk about building startups in the mental health and addiction space.  Eric was one of the earliest entrepreneurs to build a startup in this space called “Next Step” which he sold to True Link Financial back in 2016. He now

Using Tech to Stop Suicide with Amanda Johnstone

How can we use technology to stop suicide? How can we leverage technology to encourage vulnerability and connectivity to help people deal with difficult times? We dig in to these ideas today with Be A Looper Founder and CEO, Amanda Johnstone. Amanda and I met

Sobriety is a Superpower with VC Steve Schlafman

Steve Schlafman is a friend, mentor, a sponsor of sorts to me, and a very experienced Venture Capitalist who also has 5-years of sobriety under his belt as of today, June 5th, 2020. After 1 year of sobriety, Steve wrote a blog post under a

Black Men’s Mental Health with Kevin Dedner, MPH

Kevin Dedner is co-founder and CEO of Henry Health. Henry Health is a digital community that provides self-care support and culturally sensitive teletherapy. Henry Health’s initial target audience is black men who have the lowest life expectancy of any population. In fact, the stated goal

KoreVoices Founder Jesse Stern

In this episode I spoke with Jesse Stern, founder of KoreVoices. KoreVoices is a community of over 200,000 people overcoming mental health issues by sharing stories and offering support. The mission of KoreVoices is to build a movement that allows people to find solutions to