KoreVoices Founder Jesse Stern

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In this episode I spoke with Jesse Stern, founder of KoreVoices.

KoreVoices is a community of over 200,000 people overcoming mental health issues by sharing stories and offering support. The mission of KoreVoices is to build a movement that allows people to find solutions to their mental health issues, while also helping others. Here at the Stigma Podcast we feel their mission aligns very closely with ours!

Jesse built KoreVoices after spending nearly 10 years producing issue driven documentaries all over the world for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. KoreVoices has an incredible reach and helps untold numbers of people with the mental health, and with connectivity.

You can connect with Jesse and KoreVoices on their website and these Instagram accounts: KoreVoices Website, IG: MyDateMyStory, IG: ThisLifeHappens, IG: Courageousmoments, Contact Form


  1. Jesse talks about his time going to remarkably interesting, often dangerous places, to give voice to people that did not have a voice. He was making films for National Geographic and Discovery Channel telling stories that the world needed to hear.

  2. Jesse started an Instagram account that allowed people to anonymously submit stories of dating experiences. At first, he thought it would be a bunch of funny tinder date stories. However, it did not take long for the stories to get serious and focus on long term relationships, stuff they were going through after years of dating, or marriage even. People started submitting very real stuff and asking questions and asking for advice. This led to an incredibly positive and powerful community.

  3. We talked about how this community evolved into a discussion of feelings and eventually mental health. We talked about how important this community has become for users and how the users migrate between the various accounts, and platforms associated with KoreVoices.

  4. Jesse and I both shared about being authentic, sharing, vulnerability and how we’ve both experienced these things in our lives.

  5. We talked about how people come up with the courage to share their stories and ask for help. The timing and process is different for everyone and we all come to a place of seeking vulnerability and connectivity in different ways and at different times.

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