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Author: technosites

Making Mental Health a Priority Issue in The Election

In our latest episode, I had the chance to speak with congressional candidate Lindsey Boylan.  She is a candidate for congress in NY’s 10th district. I found myself getting emotional a few times during my conversation with her.   She has a very personal reason for pushing a

Walk and Talk Therapy in NYC with Clay Cockrell

In this episode Stephen Hays chats with Clay Cockrell.  Clay is a therapist in New York, NY and has gained quite a bit of notoriety for the medium through which he meets his clients.  He meets his clients for walks.  Clay started Walk and Talk

Stigma, Discrimination, Recovery, and Politics

In this episode Stephen Hays chats with Ryan Hampton about Ryan’s personal addiction journey that has led Ryan to the forefront of our national conversation on addiction and recovery. Ryan shares his story and talks about where we are as a country on combatting addiction,

Let’s Talk About Sex (Addiction)

Dr. Alexandra Katehakis is a pioneer in the area of sex addiction, and healthy sexual behavior. In this episode we talk about what sex addiction is, where it stems from, how to treat it, and how to know if you need help. It’s a provocative

Getting Sober with Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch

  In this episode, my friend Alex Wilhelm joins me to talk about our shared experiences in recovering from addiction.  Alex was most recently, the editor in chief of Crunchbase News, and is currently the host of the Equity Podcast on TechCrunch.  He’s been covering

Children’s Mental Health and the Role of Educators

In this episode of the Stigma Podcast, I had a chance to speak with Mandy Froehlich.  Mandy is an educator, and personally, opens with us about overcoming PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Mandy is an experienced educator who leverages her professional experience, and her passion for