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How Psychotherapy Can Become Mainstream

I had the most educational, and enlightening conversation with Dr. Cameron Sepah and I’m lucky that I captured it digitally and can share it with everyone!  We talked about a range of topics from his education at Harvard and UCLA, to his time growing a

You Are Not Alone with Mxiety

Marie “Mxiety” Shanley joined me for a conversation about mental health, depression, streaming on Twitch/Mixer, and how to get help when you are struggling.  She shares her own story of overcoming debilitating depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Since getting help, Marie felt compelled to create a

Automated Mood Tracking with Dan Seider, CEO of Misu

In episode 10, we have a conversation with Dan Seider, founder and CEO of Misü.  Dan talks to us about his experience living with bipolar disorder, getting diagnosed, how he thinks about his mood states on a regular basis and taking medication (Lithium).  We also

Stigma is a Squirrel. Run at it Shouting!

I’m excited to share my conversation with Mark Freeman. Mark is an author (Book: “You are Not a Rock”), mental health coach, workshop facilitator and someone that I follow closely as his frequent tweets and public commentary on mental health and wellbeing are helpful for

Bea The Difference

Bea Arthur is a Columbia University trained psychotherapist, founder and CEO of The Difference, and an author who works with high performance individuals.  Bea was the first African American female founder in Y-Combinator and was named as an Entrepreneur to Bet On by Newsweek Magazine

‘Asking for help’ is not weakness. It is strength!

Micah Baldwin is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Graphicly which was acquired by Blurb in 2014. We are very fortunate to have him come on the show and be very vulnerable with us about his experience recovering from addiction, and dealing with mental illness since childhood. He