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Author: technosites

How to Fix Mental Health Care in America

Ben Miller, Chief Strategy Officer at the Well Being Trust joined me to discuss what’s broken, what works, and what the future of mental health care in America can and should look like. Ben is a clinical psychologist and spent a decade as a professor

COVID-19, Isolation, Loneliness and Your Mental Health

In the time of COVID-19 and social distancing, it’s important to know how we can maintain our mental health. Kasley Killam, joins me for a conversation about loneliness, and isolation during this trying time and how we can protect our mental health even when we

Coming Out About Mental Illness

Coming out about having a mental illness isn’t easy. Elizabeth Horner, psychiatric nurse, mother of 4, joins us to talk about how she decided to come out to her friends and family about her bipolar disorder. In our conversation we both shared our experiences from

What is the Role of the Church in Mental Health

Michael Perron is one of my sponsors in recovery.  He is also a minister who created and runs the Life Recovery Program at Prestonwood Baptist Church.  This program has been very influential in my recovery and was instrumental in saving my life from addiction and